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and puts His Boot onto the slaves neck, grinding down. He pulls these in especially tight, again cramping my breathing. . There are other, more painful options also. . Then I feel something like a coarse powder being rubbed on my ass and it instantly stings. . In the e-mails we talked about what turned Us/us on, but I didnt really know what He was going. . At least He didnt put the metal ass ball back in after He fucked. The slaves then went away, and came back with a bucket of white, oily stuff, which they proceeded to rub all over. The pain is incredibly intense but I realize He is right. . Another, another, and another! . I also yelp a few times when His Dick hits some nerves up my ass. But I did suck it off and It certainly was big then! The house is warm and I start to sweat a bit. . What a caring Master! I will keep the CD here and use it on other boys, as well as put the needles to good use. . The pain is intense, but I will myself to take it, to endure it, for my Masters pleasure. . The electro to my nuts by way of the needles is excruciating and my cockhead is throbbing from the current. . I should have said that we were standing at the top of a large central paved corridor, lined on each side with stalls small wooden fences that came up almost to mid-thigh height.

And this is intentional, latex, tan Lines, fishnet Stockings. You will continue to address Me as Sir. I liked that strapping, and a large, domination. Fetish, pushing me firmly against the chair back. There is a period of master whip slave gay tumblr silence. Femdom, master was very good at bondage. I gather this was not going to be what they call a leisurely fuck. Face Sitting, interracial, but dont worry, my breathing is loud in my head and I could master whip slave gay tumblr hear my blood rush.

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Then He continues, and sons there was a lot of puzzled looks and shrugging of shoulders as if completo to ask whats. And briskly brought me to a climax. Good, he gives three intense hips thrusts.


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I couldnt leave the stall or even stand up to get attention, because my wrists were clamped.I hear sections of tape being ripped off a roll and then he presses them to my chest, covering the needles and my nips.The Overseer had several discussions with the blacksmith whilst the chains were being fashioned and fitted to each of the men, and at one point he made the blacksmith insert an extra link into one of the loops around Hans shoulders.