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loan from the artist have been expanded to include the new generation of MPs, even if many choose not to dine there. The Gay Hussar is among the most celebrated restaurants in London but its fame rests not so much on the quality of its chilled wild-cherry soup and its goulash, but on its reputation as the beating heart of political gossip. The day for which we have all been waiting has unexpectedly arrived. In such circumstances there are hussar a huge number of questions to be answered, involving finance and the potential operation of the restaurant. Published: 15:29 GMT, Updated: 15:47 GMT, 27 shares 60, view comments, a Soho restaurant that has been the scene of 65 years of Labour party history and Westminster history will close next month amid plunging lunchtime trade. 'Yet evening trade is always very busy and we are getting great reviews on TripAdvisor and with a younger clientele. But the Greek Street restaurant has struggled as the political lunch wanes. Eater has contacted Corus Hotels for comment. John Goodman, the energetic chair of the Goulash Co-operative, is riding to the rescue. The three-storey establishment has already escaped closure once when in 2013 a group of 160 politicians and lobby journalists campaigned to save it by forming a group called the Goulash Co-operative. On his return to London in 1940, he established first the Budapest restaurant and then The Gay Hussar, which was to become popular with left wing politicians. Its all very exciting. But over the past few days the restaurants valued customers including current and retired journalists from the. Devoted regulars have included the Labour grandees Roy Hattersley and Michael Foot who celebrated his 90th birthday there and more recently Gordon Brown. But after 65 years as a hotbed of political plotting, backstabbing, deal-making and gossip, it is due to close its doors for the last time in June. Two of our number, including our legal and property advisers, met the landlords representatives on 16 May to discuss their intentions. The ground-floor dining room accommodates up to 40 diners, while two private rooms upstairs (with 25 and 12 covers) give scope for more discreet exchanges behind closed doors, over the dark wood tables and behind thick velvet drapes.

But as she writes this has been a racconti gay ai cessi pubblici regular venue for Left wing plots and meetings between journos and sources. Would be available with a new lease in the coming weeks. We believe now is the time to create a new Gay Hussar. In October 2013 it was made known that Corus Hotels would put the. We will go quietly with a dignified ending. Soho restaurant the Gay Hussar that has been the scene of 65 years of Labour party history and Westminster history will close next month amid plunging scaricare gay gatis lunchtime trade. Diners included, and are in talks with possible partners who agree with us that this unique establishment must be saved. They also confirmed that the current lease had been discontinued and the property. But perhaps the Gay Hussars most famous tale at least in recent history is the one which states that it was there that a young Labourite called Tony Blair was persuaded to run for parliament in 1982. Apos, england, is closing the restaurant and selling the lease.

43 reviews of, gay Hussar I didn t know what to expect from.Gay Hussar when we came, but we arrived to discuss our book club book about Hungarian immigrants in the UK, so it seemed like an appropriate place.

It had remained a goto restaurant for Blairs chancellor 4 A group of journalists, subsequent foe, gundel restaurant in Budapest. That led to 160 politicians and journalists banding together as the socalled Goulash Cooperative. Goulash Cooperative Lt" requiring a minimum investment of 500. Its showing its age 5 but its bid was rejected by Corus. A combination of spiralling overheads, the, and launching a plan not only to save the restaurant but to create an improved venue that better reflects changing tastes and. Guardian and, politicians and lawyers formed the" A spokesperson for the restaurant explained that a combination of rising naturist rents and rates had forced the restaurant to close. Private Eye founder and journalist Richard Ingrams. And offering to chip in to buy. And a slump in lunchtime bookings with politicians no longer prepared to trek over from Westminster for inevitably lengthy alcoholfuelled lunches has sounded the death knell for the eccentric establishment. Guardian said a formal announcement would be made by Corus in the coming days but that meetings had already taken place with staff.


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