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streaming the films, or capable of playing them should you choose to download each short. Written and Directed by Carmen Vincent Read More Video Country: Italy, TV WebSeries, Year:2018 1 month ago Skam Italia is an Italian version of the acclaimed and innovative Norwegian youth series Skam, which follows a group of teenagers in their re Read More Video Country. When Zach tells the first that he is going to play basketball with a straight re Read More Video Country: UK, Erotic, Short movie, Year:2015 4 weeks ago Battling with his own inner demons, Jonathan, played by Australian talent Jaxon Radoc, is taken. Triple standard (2010 homophobia manifests from many different insecurities, but in Triple Standard, one athletes prejudice is a symptom of his own struggle to come to terms with his sexuality. Illustration by Christopher Cunetto, since 2009, just prior to the Oscars, weve occasionally put together lists of 25 Gay Films Everyone Should See. IF ever theres an example of the emotional range that can be packed into such a short length of film, this. Mostly, however, the films dusty, amber calm belies the escalation and its a brutally quick escalation to follow. Its far from perfect, and its lgbt content is minimal at best, but that doesnt diminish its impact. The Commitment hits every cliché in the book with a sledgehammer. Its the films final twist which isnt entirely surprising that concludes seventeen minutes of beautifully portrayed transformation in Wilsons character. Writer/director Jonathan Lisecki gives his two actors, Matthew Wilkas and Jenn Harris, plenty to work with, as Harris convinces Wilkas gay character to have a baby with her. And check out more gay short films and web series here. Unfortunately, its in the execution where Chan, who wrote, directed and stars in the piece as one half of couple Robert and Ethan, loses control. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Chaser (2013 max Rhyser plays a young schoolteacher who comes from a conservative Jewish family and community, but Chaser sees him attend a New York City sex party to escape his restrictive community). She learns that Thatcher was recently diagnosed as HIV positive, and proceeds to inform his many partners, including Paquin, uncovering snippets of her sons life she was previously unaware. As a result, theres a fair amount of recognizable talent here: Chad Michael Murray ( One Tree Hill Anna Paquin ( True Blood, The Piano ) and Rita Wilson ( The Good Wife, Girls, Mrs. Red or Lance Larson with the emotionally raw. A spoof OF, schoolhouse Rock, featuring original, schoolhouse Rock cast member Essra Mohawk as a Red, White and Blue tornado of a drag queen instructing in all things governmentally gay. Its over before you know. This is a very serene, intimate look at a handsome young man named Ewan who has transitioned from a beautiful redhaired girl named Rachel. In his mind, he found it in Léo. Popular gay movies, featured reviews, recommended playlists, see all of our fantastic playlists curated by passionate film fans! A middle-aged prisoner knocks on his cell wall, frantically trying to attract the attention of his younger neighbor, who is dancing with himself in a dirty vest with a face as tender as it is tough. And then you think, with a shred of remorse, Why isnt this guy making movies? JE taime 9:45 min., Finland, 2014, iF THE intention of this film, directed by Joel Rahkonen and Sonia Stenius, is to make us laugh, it thoroughly succeeds even if the overall quality will leave cinephiles wanting. To paraphrase Joni Mitchell, I've looked at glory holes from both sides now, from blower and inhaler, from younger and older, and still it's glory holes' illusions I recall.".

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And who subsequently find common sexual ground. To a teacher exploring the sex party scene in New York City. Absorb what the filmmaker is trying. Clunky dialogue and a twist shoehorned in at the end with zero attempt at subtlety. They are touching upon real life emotions that your local Odeon is probably little way gay off from showing anytime soon. It centers on a blind short date between two men one literally blind. Shabbat dinner 14 min, if you know of a film that you think should be here then let us know. Lightfarms debut short movie brings an allstar cast from the adult industry and drops them into the mainstream movie world. Is seductive shedding his clothes shortly after arriving and ominous.

Join the web s most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads.Gay films, movies, tv shows, web series, music videos and all other videos that feature gay, lesbian and/or bisexual characters.Short, film, Honolulu Rainbow, film, festival 2009 Best, short (Male) Fort Worth International Gay Lesbian.

Miny magic 7, triple Standard Poster, the better actually. Which inspired the eponymous 2012 film but the original short is itself a wonderful piece. Bloom or Arnaud gay Lalanne with the blissful. Playing marvellously to the constraints of the genre gay 2011 IF IT feels like a commercial for gay rugby.

In some of the stories, the lgbt portion is very small, but the lgbt component is really critical to how the story unfolds.At the academy, Jonathan struggles to find his place among the group, he may be a top athlete in his field, but when it comes to the small world of Lakeside, swimming, sex and chauvinism combine to create something explosive and the potential for something.The acting and writing could be a notch better, but it really doesnt matter when the filmmaking itself is this damn good.


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With director Alejandro Sesma at the helm, and producer Steven Chinnery working closely together, the movie gives an authenticity rarely seen in such movies.While theres nothing wrong with inconclusiveness, its better when the material has depth (see: Red).The film begs for Ewan Duarte to explore the issues he touches upon in a longer feature.