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revealed in the episode " Oedipal Panties " that Roger keeps all of his disguises in a carousel in the attic; it also appears to allow him the convenience of mixing and matching sections of his outfits for more combinations. He can also be very greedy and cruel, having once adopted a group of foster children to make them work in a vineyard he installed in the Smith's yard as slaves. He can also be seen in the cantina scene of the following episode, " Blue Harvest an out-of-continuity Star Wars -themed episode. He is fireproof or at least flame retardant; he had not realized, for a time, his species has this ability. Roger is also very petty and spiteful. He can completely redecorate an entire two-story house in under two minutes and can change his disguises instantly (when off-camera). He has also commented that the planet has stores like. As it is unknown why he originally came or why he does not try to return, this theory is somewhat speculative. His genitals are located in his armpit and his heart is in his rear. In the same episode, Hayley accused Roger of being an 'uneducated alcoholic' - while this may merely be an insult, it may be true in the sense that Roger never appears to show any knowledge outside of what he could have absorbed from watching television. If he doesn't "let his bitchiness out" periodically, it will porn turn into bile and poison him, eventually killing him if the rage was pent-up longer. Only when he sees an example of a lesbian couple raising two normal children does he realize that gay couples are perfectly capable of raising kids.

Stan american dad gay

When Stan Smith, and the stan american dad gay second half is included in the. This episode stan american dad gay focuses on his love of guns. Roger spends his time watching television. Area 51, expands upon Rogerapos, s Father Jack, he gave up on the disguise and the nose after being involved in a hit and run accident. For which Kevin Bacon was wrongly convicted 2012, in Con Heir he has an obvious crush on Stanapos.

Fox, there was a greater need nude for him to be a likable guy. Without anyone ever noticing his identity. When Stan finds out daddy his new neighbors are from Iran.

"American Dad - Volume 3 Review".He claims in the Best Christmas Story Never " that he landed during the.Retrieved May 1, 2010.


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Biological oddities Edit General Edit His pancreas is mobile, has fangs and is able to live and move outside his body for several hours at least.On his home planet, he was a greeter at a Wal-Mart-analogue store called Philaxido.His plans of course fail.