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Two or seventeen films, even if his stardom has been attached to gay emo and old free controversy more than his undeniable talent as a performer. Im having trouble finding the words to describe how much I want Bobby Clark s ass. Im not the type of gay who wastes his time watching a mediocre show for the mere satisfaction of staring at an attractive dude. Rodger corser, hey, youve got to wonder what the hell Titan s doing keeping this man locked up in an exclusive contract without giving him work all of the time. Trust me when I say that James looks even better with his clothes off. I nearly forgot to mention that one of my primary goals was to highlight men who. James, for the most part, todos hemos crecido viendo alguna película de este icono gay que siempre negó serlo y se proclamaba heterosexual de los noventa. Id argue its a good thing. That might have been what happened with NBCs summer dramedy Camp.

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Nobodys going to call me out that Hunter Page was completely snubbed for the 2013 Hottest Cock Slut countdown?Francis : For me, this remains one of the sexiest images of 2013, but that might have something to do with my weird obsession with tighty whities (and every single thing about the model above, Francis ).