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Set in imperial Rome, Fellinis film is fragmentary like its source, playing out in a delirium.While teens in the 1990s had Beautiful Thing (1996) and Get Real (1998 Love, Simon is the first Hollywood film to focus on a gay adolescent made with the young adult market in mind.

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The best lgbt movies: 50-41 50, film, Drama, the Children's Hour (1961 director: William Wyler.AK Buy, rent or watch Call Me by Your Name Read more 7 Film Ma Vie en Rose (1997) Director: Alain Berliner Cast: Georges Du Fresne, Michèle Laroque, Jean-Philippe Écoffey Little Ludovic's parents think their young child is a boy with a worrying thing for.So why has The Wizard of Oz become an lgbt classic, even giving us the term 'friends of Dorothy'?

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In the here and now, Meryl Streep is a New York editor who lives with a woman but is caring for her ex-lover, a poet dying of Aids.Barely half an hour long, it unfolds without words in two of Genet's regular registers, incarcerated and bucolic, as it explores the love of two separated inmates and the jealousy of their guard.

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Cultural theorists have spent many hours debating the answer to that question, with some suggesting that it's simply a matter of camp and others digging deeper and equating the black-and-white conservatism of the film's Kansas scenes to repression and even homophobia, and the colour and.River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves play a pair of rent-boy drifters on the streets of Seattle and still the tweenies swooned and put their posters up on the walls.


Watch the best, lGBT films on, short of the Weekreview and discuss the new generation of innovative stories that are shaping the world.Here s our list of the 50 best.Lgbt films exploring lesbian, gay.Expanded from a short film with the help of executive producer Spike Lee.

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    Octogenarian Quentin Crisp as Elizabeth I?Gus van Sants film is dreamy, earthy and pretentious in the best sense, and both leads are impossibly beautiful.The stirring monologue delivered by Elios father (Stuhlbarg) about the necessity of pain and heartbreak throbs with empathy, as does the films final scene of Elio sitting in front of the hearth weeping.

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    A wittily observed and edited scrapbook of perverted dreams, it clocked up another first when the California Supreme Court ruled that, racy content notwithstanding, it didn't count as obscene because of its redeeming social merit.Nicole Kidman is Virginia Woolf, working on Mrs Dalloway in the early 1920s and feeling herself slip into a breakdown.The early scenes of playful romance between the two men are lovely, but its the second half, in particular the closing moments, that elevate the film to greatness.

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    The road-movie/voyage-of-discovery formula proved to be an appealing vehicle for encouraging mainstream acceptability of an unfamiliar subject though the flip side was a flurry of accusations that the filmmakers were selling the subject short by not casting a trans actor in the lead.Starring Christopher Plummer as a newly out gay man in his 70s and Ewan McGregor as the aimless son who mourns him, Mike Mills heartbreaking film is based on personal experiences with his own father.Its a love is love film made before the catchphrase took off, and a lot less mushy than that makes it sound.



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It wouldnt be the last time Anger returned to homoerotica, notably with Scorpio Rising (1963 his hot and horny tribute to biker culture.BW Buy, rent or watch 'Theorem' Read more Advertising 44 Film Stranger Inside (2001) Director: Cheryl Dunye Cast: Yolonda Ross, Davenia McFadden, Rain Phoenix Prison has been a perennial setting for lesbian drama of one stripe or another, from 1960s exploitation pictures to Orange.Fireworks (1947 director, kenneth Anger, this flick is all I have to say about being 17, the United States navy, American Christmas, and the Fourth of July.


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Inspired by the writer/director's own adolescence spent summering in Lithuania, the film tells the story of a young woman named Sangaile, whose fascination for stunt planes is matched only by her fear of heights.


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As the two grow closer, love blossoms.TH Read more 47 Film, Drama Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013) Director: Abdellatif Kechiche Cast: Adèle Exarchopoulos, Léa Seydoux This aching, passionate and sex-heavy French film's two young stars shared the Cannes Film Festival's top prize, the Palme d'Or, with its writer-director Abdellatif Kechiche.BW Buy, rent or watch 'Transamerica' Read more 23 Film Scorpio Rising (1964) Director: Kenneth Anger Cast: Ernie Allo, Bruce Byron, Frank Carifi Kenneth Anger's half-hour 1963 joyride can lay claim to a whole bunch of firsts: it was the first movie to mash.


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The film chronicles his meteoric movie career and how he managed to remain (mostly) secretly gay the entire time, carrying on affairs with athletes and actors including the elusive Anthony Perkins, at whom the film takes a good long look, while maintaining ambiguous relationships with.Davies is offering audiences a glimpse into his life in the hope that it'll offer some note of comfort, companionship or clarity as they wrestle their own demons.


BW Read more 5 Film All About My Mother (1999) Director: Pedro Almodóvar Cast: Cecilia Roth, Marisa Paredes, Candela Peña Pedro Almodovars filmography practically constitutes an lgbt cinema canon in itself.


In such guises as a sexy matador, a sexy belly dancer and a sexy slave boy.


Read more 49, film, bad Education (2004 director: Pedro Almodóvar, cast: Gael García Bernal, Fele Martínez.


The course of gay love rarely runs smooth on screen, but happy.


The cast is flawless Michelle Williams, Melanie Lynskey, Julie Delpy and RuPaul butching it up as a camp counsellor in a straight is great t-shirt and the use of colour is eye-frazzling.Adapted from a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel written by Michael Cunningham, The Hours, shows us three women over one day.


To the rescue with a string of short erotic films that are both sexy and artistic.

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Campillo, himself an ACT UP militant in the early 90s, deftly makes the transition from political agency to personal urgency, painting an intimate, sometime erotic and often devastating picture of the groups members as they celebrate, make love and mourn in the face of tragedy.It opens as two friends, students Encolpio (Martin Potter) and Ascilto (Hiram Keller quarrel over a beautiful young boy (Max Born).

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Tall, lunkish Texan Joe Buck (Jon Voight, in his best ever role) comes to the city with dreams of becoming a gigolo to society ladies, but gets more attention in the lonelier corners of the gay community. Instead she finds herself navigating a daunting world of aggression, intimacy, religion, politics and an unforgiving pecking order. Filming Locations: Paramus, New Jersey, USA, edit, box Office, budget: 20,000 (estimated). The mother of one of the men resorts to witchcraft to cure her son, who also goes under a course of aversion therapy. BW Read more Advertising 14 Film, Drama Weekend (2011) Director: Andrew Haigh Cast: Chris New, Tom Cullen On director Andrew Haigh's' breakthrough film he paints an intimiate portrait of what it's like to be gay in modern Britain. It features set-piece sequences of erotic dancing and masturbation, but neither is as hot as one captive blowing smoke through the wall into the other's cell. TH Read more The best lgbt movies: Film, Family and kids The Wizard of Oz (1939) Director: Victor Fleming Cast: Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger The story, on the surface, doesn't hold any obvious lgbt significance: it's the simple fantasy of a country girl. He gets help from the most unlikely of places - iconic gay porn stereotypes who come to life from the magazines to help him find his courage. Powerful performances are supported by Wong's elliptical structure and the superb work of regular collaborators like cinematographer Christopher Doyle and production designer William Chang. Throughout the 1960s, James Bidgood shot a series of no-budget luxurious fantasias on 8mm film in his New York apartment, featuring hot young thing Bobby Kendall in such guises as a sexy matador, a sexy belly dancer and a sexy slave boy. British filmmaker Jake Witzenfeld embeds himself with three gay Palestinian men in this frank and eye-opening documentary. So said Federico Fellini of his decadent, surreal dream of a movie. BW Read more 43 Film, Documentaries Paris Is Burning (1990) Director: Jennie Livingston Cast: André Christian, Dorian Corey, Paris Duprée Jennie Livingston's 1990 portrait of New Yorks drag ball culture might be the most seminal lgbt documentary ever made.

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These two freaky grifters, both getting to grips with unresolved issues around their parentage, team up to launch a petty crime spree that offers each a lesson in the potential of collaboration. Gods Own Country is more of a quiet love story that avoids melodrama for internal struggles with isolation, loneliness and the stark circumstances of hard rural lives. Its a gentle and devastating coming-of-age romance thatll leave you aching and ready to book a holiday to Italy. AK Buy, rent or watch 'God's Own Country' Read more 27 Film Death in Venice (1971) Director: Luchino Visconti Cast: Dirk Bogarde, Romolo Valli, Mark Burns Italian filmmaker Luchino Visconti adapted Thomas Mann's 1912 novella in 1971, keeping the pre-World War I Venice Lido setting. Derek Jarman brings his artistic eye to the tragedy and manages to make the tale even queerer, drawing direct parallels between the homophobic persecution of Edward II and his lover, Gaveston, and the anti-gay sentiment whipped up by the tabloids under the tenure of Margaret. One day a man walks into his office, claiming to be Enriques old school friend and first love, Ignacio (Gael García Bernal). But this rich, ripe, wrenching Oscar winner from 1999 may represent his most generous Valentine to the community. And to this day, no one can look at a flannel shirt on a hanger without getting misty-eyed. CC Buy, rent or watch 'The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant' Read more Advertising 28 Film, Drama God's Own Country (2017) Director: Francis Lee Cast: Josh OConnor, Alec Secareanu To label Francis Lees feature directorial debut as Yorkshires answer to Brokeback Mountain does the. James Franco and Travis Mathews teamed up to remake the 40 minutes of explicit S M material allegedly cut from William Friedkins controversial 1980 film Cruising to avoid an X-rating. The film includes scenes shot at real-life legendary London lesbian club the Gateways. The film mostly unfolds in 1971, against the backdrop of the burgeoning feminist movement, and achieves a fusion of sensuality, tenderness and soul-searching. It's a life-affirming and compassionate portrayal of a subject rarely seen on film, told with insight and humor. The results are wildly various but universally queer compared to everyday conformity: the comfortable deceptions of domesticity give way to the harsh purity of the desert. The master becomes a slave and when Karin breaks it off, Petra sinks into self-pity. Turns out he isn't the only one with a few things to learn. The Fire Island Kids (1971 director, peter De Rome. As sweet as Sigurd Rachman and Rainer Strecker are as the separated lovers, the films real triumph lies in its brave criticism of the oppressive nature of East Berlin. Criterion, tIFF, chaz Productions, focus Features, strand Releasing. Its success lies in its simplicity. But these twelve pioneering films are not the ones that got the most media attention. Whatever the reason, somehow it just makes sense. Beryl Reid wolfs down the scenery as June, an actor known and loved as sweet Sister George in a TV soap but in real life a boozed-up monster given to molesting nuns in taxi cabs. Hilarious, poignant and often quite spiky, the film, like its subject, is a one-off. An intimate tale about a masculine-leaning teenager (Adepero Oduye) discovering her queerness in Brooklyn while navigating her less than thrilled family, Pariah was slightly ahead of its time.

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He is troubled, unwell Gustav (Dirk Bogarde an ageing man increasingly obsessed with a young blonde male hotel guest. In Indian director Shonali Boses Margarita, which played Toronto in 2014, Laila, a fiery young Indian woman with cerebral palsy, leaves India to study at New York University, where she unexpectedly falls in love and begins a remarkable journey of self-discovery. Mann's more philosophical enquiries are watered down to offer a good-looking and atmospheric study in one man's late-life longing for unreachable beauty and youth. Love, Simon (2018) Director Greg Berlanti If only every generation of gay boys had had a teen romance like Love, Simon in their lives. Members of contemporary activist groups OutRage! The burgeoning and conflicted relationship between Chiron and Kevin is the sort of romance that, while filled with strife, is also overrun with possibility. Keinings latest film, Girls Lost, was released by Wolfe Video in December. Though the daring metaphor rankled some viewers who were tired of the gay sex equals death trope, this elegantly crafted film transcends such criticism. Fuelled by his jet-propelled performance and sensational songs co-written with Stephen Trask, it's a bittersweet ode to the survival of the freakiest. Inkoo Kang, french filmmaker Catherine Corsini's Summertime (La Belle Saison) finds a young, provincial woman falling for an older intellectual, while grappling with the means of expressing her identity, sexual or otherwise. GL Buy, rent or watch 'Boys Don't Cry' Read more 1 Film, Drama Brokeback Mountain (2005) Director: Ang Lee Cast: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal It made over 140 million worldwide, which means that Ang Lees muscular yet delicate cinematic interpretation of a slender Annie Proulx. GL Read more Advertising 4 Film, Drama My Own Private Idaho (1991) Director: Gus van Sant Cast: River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves For years, playing gay was seen as a brave move for young male movie stars (what did Hollywood think: that straight women would get.

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