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Celadus the Thracian gladiator is the delight of all the girls. .VI.14.37 (Wood-Working Shop of Potitus 3498: What a lot of tricks you use to deceive, innkeeper.Coins; drinks: 14 coins; lard: 2 coins; bread: 3 coins; three meat cutlets: 12 coins; four sausages: 8 coins. .

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III.4.2 (House of the Moralist 7698c: postpone your tiresome quarrels if you can, or leave and take them home with you.Only six women came to know, too few for such a stallion. .IX.5.11 (House of Poppaeus Sabinus; peristyle 5092: If you felt the fires of love, mule-driver, you would make more haste to see Venus. .

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Romula sucks her man here and everywhere.Viii.2 (in the basilica 1928: Love dictates to me as I write and Cupid shows me the way, but may I die if god should wish me to go on without you viii.2 (in the basilica 1951: Sarra, you are not being very nice, leaving.Restitutus says: Restituta, take off your tunic, please, and show us your hairy privates.

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Your gift will be to stop torturing. .I.10.7 (House and Office of Volusius Iuvencus; left of the door 8364: Secundus says hello to his Prima, wherever she. .


Pompeii Graffiti Vulgar Pompeii Graffiti Translations Gay Graffiti Pompeii Latin Graffiti Pompeii Graffiti From.17 Best images about Pompei Graffiti Ancient olympics.The Ancient Gay Graffiti of Pompeii.One of the fascinating things preserved in Pompeii is the graffiti on the city walls where the thoughts of the people remain, uncensored by subsequent history.

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    Would that you pay for all your tricks, innkeeper.A Brief Guide to the Psych Rock Scene in Chile.Big Ups: John Dwyer and Matt Jones Pick Their Favorite Castle Face Releases.

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    O R,.10.4 (near the rear entrance vestibule of the House of Menander 8356: At Nuceria, look for Novellia Primigenia near the Roman gate in the prostitutes district.20 more will be given for information leading to the capture of the thief.

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    II.2.1 (Bar of Astylus and Pardalus 8408: Lovers are like bees in that they live a honeyed life.Only six women came to know, too few for such a stallion.



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On May 8th, two tunics.13.19 (House of Sextus Pompeius Axiochus and Julia Helena; left of the door 4485: Hectice, baby, Mercator says hello to you.14 ( vico degli Scienziati 3042: Cruel Lalagus, why do you not love me?


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They wrote words of wisdom A small problem gets larger if you ignore.


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VI (on the Street of Mercury 1321: Publius Comicius Restitutus stood right here with his brother.Viii.2 (in the basilica 1880: Lucius Istacidius, I regard as a stranger anyone who doesnt invite me to dinner.


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About three-quarters of the known Pompeii victims are "frozen in suspended actions" and show evidence of sudden muscle contractions, such as curled toes, the study says.They talked about peeing and pooping We have pissed in our beds.Men had sex with men (below a drawing of a man with a large nose).


May Pompeian Venus be dear to both of them and may they always live in harmony.I love a charming boy; I ask you, goad the mules; lets. .


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Viii.2 (in the basilica 1826: Phileros is a eunuch!


The news naturally reminded us of Bastilles 2013 pop-rock song Pompeii.


It was an acceptable form of communication so if you had something to say, you could just scratch it into the wall to spread your message.


The music video below is largely unremarkable, but the songs lyrics remain poignant.

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Viii.1 (above a bench outside the Marine Gate 1751: If anyone sits here, let him read this first of all: if anyone wants a screw, he should look for Attice; she costs 4 sestertii.The one who buggers a fire burns his dick.

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III.5.1 (House of Pascius Hermes; left of the door 7716: To the one defecating here. . VII.12.18-20 (the Lupinare 2175: I screwed a lot of girls here. There are shops on the first floor, upper stories, high-class rooms and a house. . Customers left reviews, what a lot of tricks you use to deceive, innkeeper. Viii.2 (in the basilica 1837: If you are able, but not willing, why do you put off our joy and kindle hope and tell me always to come back tomorrow. . Methe, slave of Cominia, from Atella, loves Chrestus. I.2.23 (peristyle of the Tavern of Verecundus 3951: Restitutus says: Restituta, take off your tunic, please, and show us your hairy privates. V.1.26 (peristyle of the House of Caecilius Iucundus 4087: Staphylus was here with Quieta. The second number is the reference to the publication of the inscription in the. IX.8.3 (House of the Centenary; interior of the house 5279: Once you are dead, you are nothing.8.11 (triclinium of a house 5251: Restitutus has deceived many girls. V.5 (near the Vesuvius Gate 7086: Marcus loves Spendusa. Slaves will be beaten on their behinds. I.7.1 (in the vestibule of the House of Cuspius Pansa 8075: The finances officer of the emperor Nero says this food is poison. Viii.2 (in the basilica 1863: Take hold of your servant girl whenever you want to; its your right viii.2 (in the basilica 1864: Samius to Cornelius: go hang yourself! II.7 (gladiator barracks 8792b: Antiochus hung out here with his girlfriend Cithera. If you want to know why, there was no chamber pot.1.26 (atrium of the House of the Jews 2409a: Stronius Stronnius knows nothing! Vibus Restitutus slept here alone and missed his darling Urbana. While they were, they had bad service in every way from a guy named Epaphroditus. . (in a bar / brothel weep, you girls.

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Pompeii 's Famous Embracing 'Maiden' Couple Are Actually Two

Traveler, you eat bread in Pompeii but you go to Nuceria to drink. . Beware of the curse. . Pompeian Venus Fisica wrote this. V.1.26 (House of Caecilius Iucundus 4091: Whoever loves, let him flourish. . » (written besides bar door i screwed the barmaid. . They talked sexy to each other. R O, m A, o L, i M, m I, l O,. VII.1.40 (House of Caesius Blandus; in the peristyle of the House of Mars and Venus on the Street of the Augustales 1714: It took 640 paces to walk back and forth between here and there ten times VII.6.35 (Brothel of Venus; on the Vico dei. Theophilus, dont perform oral sex on girls against the city wall like a dog. Well, according to latest research, that didn't happen. You can drink Falernian for four coins. IX.8.3 (House of the Centenary; in the latrine near the front door 5243: Secundus defecated here three time on one wall. VI.15.6 (House of Caesius Valens and Herennius Nardus 4637: Rufus loves Cornelia Hele.16.15 (atrium of the House of Pinarius 6842: If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girl friend VII (House of the Tetrastyle Atrium 2060: Romula hung out. I.10.4 (exterior of the House of Menander 8304: Satura was here on September 3rd.

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Ancient graffiti in, pompeii is hilarious and fascinating

I dont care about your pregnancy, Salvilla; I despise. I ask, my mistress, that you love. IX.8.3 (House of the Centenary; in the atrium 5213: My lusty son, with how many women have you had sexual relations? Herculaneum (bar/inn joined to the maritime baths 10674: a bar tab Some nuts? This whole thread topic didn't happen. I.10.2-3 (Bar of Prima 8297: Word square. The finances officer of the emperor Nero says this food is poison. Herculaneum (bar/inn joined to the maritime baths 10678: Apelles Mus and his brother Dexter each pleasurably had sex with two girls twice. When Vesuvius buried the city of Pompeii in 79 AD it preserved all the wonderful scribblings of the people throughout the city, including 15,000 pictures, poems, observations, ads, insults, boasts and whatnot. They advertised, the city block of the Arrii Pollii in the possession of Gnaeus Alleius Nigidius Maius is available to rent from July 1st. (written by a pimp). The slave Laide practices oral coitus for the price of two axes. Certainly, hope returns to the lover what it has once snatched away. I.4.5 (House of the Citharist; below a drawing of a man with a large nose 2375: Amplicatus, I know that Icarus is buggering you. . Apelles the chamberlain with Dexter, a slave of Caesar, ate here most agreeably and had a screw at the same time. While his opponent holds up two fingers and says, No, thats not a three; its a two. I confess we have done wrong. . Here are just a few examples. V.5.3 (barracks of the Julian-Claudian gladiators; column in the peristyle 4289: Celadus the Thracian gladiator is the delight of all the girls. Anyone who returns it to me will be given 65 bronze coins ( sestertii ). . "Heretofore archaeologists misinterpreted them as people struggling to breathe and believed they died suffocated by ashes Mastrolorenzo said. I would wish to become a signet ring for no more than an hour, so that I might give you kisses dispatched with your signature. Submit to a handsomer man and one who is being treated very wrongly and good looking. . The women did not know of his presence. Viii.2 (in the basilica 1820: Chie, I hope your hemorrhoids rub together so much that they hurt worse than when they every have before!

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