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It describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style that may require cleanup.Even, the Simpsons and, tV Guide called him a gay robot.C, this article has been rated.

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Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 16:06, (UTC) C3PO always introduces himself as C3POh human cyborg relations  Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 22:04, 7 September 2015 (UTC) The "O" is used in nearly all canonical sources - in particular, the.Unsourced statement edit I have removed the following sentence from this article "He also had a recurring role as the character on Sesame Street." The info is unsourced and I have seen many episodes of the series before and I can recall this character never.The only thing from a Star Wars actor that has some indication as noted in, gay Star News.

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This is not consistent with his question though, so I suspect the artist coloured the comic wrong.I put two and two together and I am pretty sure I got four.What is with all of the lists?

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What do the 3 and the O represent?I know that robots don't really have a sexuality in the Star Wars series but I think this is worth discussing since it has some currency on the Internet.


The first time the actor saw C-3PO, he felt kinship and went on to play the android in all six Star Wars movies.Ahead of The Force Awakens.C3PO is also known as the Star Wars rendition of The Tin Man.

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    I don't doubt he'll be in IX but there's currently no real confirmation.We - we bring a message to your master, Jabba the Hutt.Under that metric, they all "survived the movies".

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    It is an important aspect of viewers' reaction to C-3PO."Lucas expects to finish the other six by the time he's 56, in the year 2001"?And because R2 was his constant companion, he must have been C-3POs lover.

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    However the comment was self serving in effect to reduce the number of Troopers around them, in order to better complete his 'mission'.Fair Use of Copyright piture?I don't know whether someone could find a definitive statement from George Lucas or something he's written that could settle the issue.



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Also C3P0 is with Leia in Ep7 ( talk ) 03:49, (UTC) Is the Oh really an Oh?) Arguably Luke and Leia, too, although they didn't exist before Episode III.It went so far that someone even wrote a C-3PO homoerotic fantasy.


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One YouTube user even made a Brokeback Mountain parody about the the two droids.That desire to have characters with whom we identify is a strong one.( talk ) 03:43, (UTC) Masters edit The text says "the only masters seen in the original six films were: Anakin Skywalker, Cliegg Lars, Raymus Antilles, Owen Lars and finally Luke Skywalker" Would Shmi not count as a master, after Ani left him with her?


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This web page is knowingly allowed to be accessed by any country, therefore in those country those laws apply!Dont out C3PO!" but also saying the host "wouldnt fit into his costume.


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It is not primarily in-universe.


Sorry I've no explanation for the O!I know it's grasping at straws but it works in the era of the cold war.


Gold plated droid from Star Wrs who is clearly gay even if nobody sees.


Then there's this interview with George Lucas who says, as"d in an interview here and here which seems to be manufactured from what.


C3-PO has a crush.


( talk ) 09:11, 30 December 2015 (UTC) Episode IX edit Those sources saying that he'll be in episode 9 are really outdated.A stereotypical gay man if there ever were one.


Who here thinks c-3po is gay, there was this guy on wookieepedia who kept vandaliz ing the article making it say he was gay, and that.

The secrecy has been ludicrous : Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels

I was wondering how he was created for the movies, vacuum metalized gold over fiberglass?Sign up for the weekly newsletter here.

The Internet has strong opinions as to whether C-3PO and R2-D2

In this promo image, you can see that while some of his plating seems to have worn off to expose bare grey metal, on his legs for example, the plating is clearly golden, but very dulled, and is present over most of his body. Um, he's a droid. This is the 27th post in a daily series. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 07:10, (UTC) C-3PO and R2-D2 are the only characters to survive all six movies-wrong edit What about Chewbacca? Ketk flfi ( talk ) 20:15, (UTC) Concur. Didnt pay people much attention, could be a little obstinate, and her advice was always ignored even though she knew the deal. Tagged since October 2008. The speculation that C-3PO and R2-D2 were gay is not new, as fans have debated (and joked about) that possibility on message boards for at least a decade. In a tongue-in-cheek post for Gay Star News, James Withers wrote : While my peers couldnt stop talking about Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo, as a neophyte gay I knew the real story was about the robots: Gay C-3PO and lesbian R2-D2. Where does the characterization 'grey' come from? ( talk ) 02:19, (UTC) displays the ability to lie! In following comics, his leg is also gold again, which would not be consistant as well, but afaik, this still is the best explanation for his silver leg in SW IV-V-VI. The article it's sourced to doesn't say that, and it's wrong, even without a source: Kenny Baker has portrayed R2-D2 in all seven films, making him the second character who is portrayed by the same actor in all seven films. I would add content myself, but I don't have any sources to hand for citation, althoughi have seen discussion of this before in books papers. The preceding unsigned comment was added by ( talk contribs ). I hope that the additions are of benefit to the article and show how things should perhaps progress. The man who plays him is skinny.". A new post about Star Wars will be posted every day for 40 days leading up to the franchises 40th birthday on May 25th. He is not set in his ways, so he can win through cunning and not brute force. Anyways, I want to point out some things I saw and know. Powers 23:13, (UTC) i no but he acts very gay I'm going to delete "C-3PO and R2-D2 were called "gay robots" on an episode of The Simpsons." Because, uhmm, how is that a Trivia? If you hurry, you might catch them." With this he twisted the truth slightly, but did not lie. WikiProject Star Wars, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of the. Preceding unsigned comment added by Trainfan01 ( talk contribs ) 22:00, (UTC) I should point out that calling it a "recurring" role is a big stretch.

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Star Wars is introducing its first canonical gay character besides

Artoo and Threepio were owned by Captain Antilles at that point (the guy who had just gotten throttled by Vader). Mid-importance on the project's importance scale. Mid, this article has been rated. There's no need for that. Compuandy ( talk ) 07:03, (UTC) A July 1974 First Draft Star Wars script (eBay item ) shows his original name was C-3, who says on page 63 to General Skywalker, "I'm C-3: Human Cyborg Relations. Lucas began work on Star Wars in 1974. ( talk ) 00:32, (UTC)RandomCuriousGuy 3PO didn't really die. The Smithsonian Institution, which probably did its homework, uses an O, not a zero. ( talk ) 13:14, 24 September 2010 (UTC) I am afraid that the tags are correct. This article has been marked as needing immediate attention. High, this article has been rated. While on one hand.D. The pronounciation would be the same but in contrast to "C3PO" the spelling "C3P0" would match the pattern of "R2D2 letter-digit-letter-digit. No need for insulting gay remarks. Went where she wanted. ) Powers 18:40, (UTC) In the comicbook series "Droids" from Black Horse Comics, there is a chapter in which 3PO's leg is replaced with a silver leg, containing a virus-bomb, giving him an entirely new personality program. I would like to build a model of r2 and cpo and was just curious as to the ratio of heights (which I make out to be about.7 /-.08) but was still curious about the reliability of various sources. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. Powers 17:56, (UTC) Yes, I'd been wondering about Captain Panaka - at least he was in TPM.

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Can R2-D2 and C-3PO be considered a gay couple?

It is not too long at all. Powers T 20:26, (UTC) Certainly, that is why I added in the episodes they were in (13 on to the article. There are also many topics in the film that seem to be related by a dark and powerful organization that has control of the majority of commodities and using this as leverage, to control everyone around them. I am curious since there exist "scale model" statues and "life" sized replicas and "builder guilds" and I was wondering what numbers they use. Its why many fans hoped Poe and Finn could be a couple, and its why.

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