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Louis hated how Harry had to lie because he felt like he couldnt trust Louis."Oh god I've wanted this for ages!" Liam shouted into Zayns mouth.

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Suddenly Liam felt something sharp on his head, it was Zayn's hand pushing his head down deeper.While, zayn was embezzled harry felt no guilt what so ever.At once, was a fairy tale bound to happen transformed into a curse upon a depand stucture in the ocean.

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Zayn- ok i am going to bed than he stands up from where he is sitting and goes directly to his bedroom noticing harry there.Is next year's "break" the beginning of the end of One Direction?

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Chapter 1 "Hit him!An unexpected turn of events brings them together and they spend the summer learning important lessons from each other and, falling in love.


An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.Liam is a gay, 20 year old guy.He knows he s gay but not everyone knows.

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    Louis with his brown spikey slightly messy hair with dazling blue jeans and a white shirt combined with a light blue jacket over.(grins as he announces that and winks at him).

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    Liam got out his phone and quickly started typing, mate, I'm on my way now, don't go out, I'm coming!' ok' -Was the reply he got.L-Liam, I I'm going to come!" Liam heard Zayn, boy he heard him, he sucked on Zayn faster than he had ever sucked when finally he heard a loud moan from Zayns mouth and floods of Zayns juices filled his mouth, he swallowed each gulp.

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    What am I thinking?' he thought, 'I'm not gay, I don't even like boys especially not Liam.Larry Stylinson isn't the only 1D pairing the fans have created.Niall-hey zayn how about that concert were having tonight?



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"Oh shit, sorry man!" Quickly Liam tugged on Zayn's hand and shook it as Zayn looked at Liam weirdly and rubbed his arm.Quickly Zayn pulled off Liam's shirt and ran his hand down Liam's chest, pulling out of his mouth, Zayn started to kiss Liam's neck, hearing Liam moan into his ear turned Zayn on even more as he pulled off his own shirt and let Liam.Liam looked at Zayn he was smiling and he saw a twinkle in his eye, suddenly Liam lunged forward, dropping his glass on the bedroom floor as he was on top of Zayn, crashing his lips into Zayns'.


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"Well I thought he pondered "that we could maybe have a few drinks first?" Zayn suggested then nodding to the bottle of vodka and different flavours of drinks.


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If Harry had to hide from the world, then Louis didnt want to be part of that world.Your review has been posted.Stolled in from his bedroom and sat next to harry.


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Zayn looked down at the queer boy sucking him away, moaning louder and suddenly realising he couldn't hold on much longer, he whimpered and cried loud.What is about to arrive might be a clue here already.What if he decides Liam isn't turning up and just goes out?


Liam-hey zayn you alright he pronounced with worrysome in his eyes becuase for the rest of the trip zayn silently layed down on the couch in the tour bus.Liam Payne recently did an interview with, attitude, a gay men's magazine in the.K.But don't chalk up his outrage to jealousy.


Liam also knows he likes, zayn, the new boy at college who joined last year.


'Finally' Liam thought, 'Finally I've got the boy of my dreams' And he fell fast asleep, his arm round Zayn.


Read Chapter 1 (Ziall) from the story One Direction (Gay fanfic ) by ReillyMendoza (Reilly Mendoza) with 3,714 reads.


There he was, Zayn Malik, that spiked, wavy hair, the sexy, soft looking lips and the smooth toned chest made Liam's eyes melt.


Zayn with his black hair, black beard, blue.

Zayn, malik liam, payne - Works Archive of Our Own

Chapter 7 The author would like to thank you for your continued support.He thought to himself, tonight, it's got to be tonight, he's been giving me all the signs and now he's text ME telling ME to come round!

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Zayn-Look, harry than he pushed harry away and left the room keeping silence the main objective. Finally Zayns pulsing cock began to settle and he cleaned up Zayns cock before reaching over and kissing Zayn on the lips noticing he had passed out. Its just you and me here. Harry.i need. "I remember this one time I was sitting next to my dad and I see this picture of me on top of Niall, which was quite intimidating he said.

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Liam and Zayn Fanfic Chapter

"Go for it Liam" Zayn said quietly, as Liam nodded and started to kiss Zayns neck, then his chest, kissing him all the way down to his jeans. "Uh, fuck man" Liam heard Zayn moan into the air. Liam sat on the bed, he could feel himself tighten in his boxers. The night went on, the drinks went down, Liam and Zayn must've been talking and laughing for hours, it was getting up to midnight, Zayn looked at Liam, who for some reason looked very attractive to him right now. Maybe zayn to tempted with niall to even realize the jelousy building up inside him by not recognizing that he already has niall but will people be waiting to destroy there relationship or is zayn willing to risk it all to overcome something deep inside. Liam started reminiscing how he first met Zayn last year walking into his classroom; That sexy styled hair, the short stubble, the way he looked at Liam and winked, smiling and walking over to him looking confident and sitting next to Liam and held out. Harry than sits next to niall and steamburst though zayn immediatly but he realizes that harry wasn't a threat. Promoted stories, you'll also like. Near the end of the interview, however, Payne made some comments that have angered his followers who create erotic fan fiction about him and other members of One Direction. The honor was doubly significant for the occasionally grumpy 22-year-old who has often been passed over in the sexy polls by his bandmates, but also because Payne has had to defend comments that have made him appear homophobic.

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It started with a Kiss, a Liam and Zayn Fanfic, chapter

Liam doesn't want to see, hear or read your gay slashfic! Although he was sure Liam was interested in him, he was always making advances towards him and Zayn always made advances to Liam as a joke, obviously because Liam is only joking with him? 'Green Day American Idiot' playing silently on the iPod dock. Harry gave him a confused look, arms folded. For fucks sake!" Liam Payne shouted at the television, He had just lost the final battle with The Joker, playing 'Batman: Arkham Asylum He threw his controller down on his bedroom floor to notice his phone was blinking away; it was a text from his. Quickly, he turned off the PlayStation, threw on his best jacket and cologne and ran down the stairs. "Ok, be caref" The door banged shut behind him before she could finish her sentence. "It's just really weird to have people drawing these sexually explicit pictures of us in strange situations.". Liam's hands were all over Zayn, running up and down his toned chest, his fingers running over his abs softly. It's clear that Payne completely does not understand slashfic at all. "It's ok, dude, just chill yeah?" Zayn looked at Liam and thought what he did to deserve that. That for me is the sad and sorry side of what we have done." (gif via Giphy after fans called him out on Twitter for his comments which of course they did he tweeted that he "thought people appreciated honesty these days.". "Sure, good idea!" Liam agreed although really he was thinking something totally different. You dont have to be scared. Don't worry zayn what they don't know won't hurt. He wanted Harry to feel comfortable around him. Says with excitment and notices harry with his dark sunglasses, his white v neck with his chest showing and his black pants and shoes. 'Even if he's not I'm going to try and kiss him' he thought to himself, then trying to remind himself he's not gay. Harry always knew he was different, but growing up in the countryside with an overprotective mother, he hid behind the shadows.Until he met Louis, a popular varsity captain from the city who is open and proud. Zayn with his black hair, black beard, blue shirt, black jacket over it and black pants including white shoes glancing over at niall. "Open them for me" Zayn let out a short whimper he couldn't believe it, he was about to get his cock sucked by Liam Payne, the nerdy boy in college not only that, Liam really is gay!

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