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Anyway, this is an, undertale, fanfic, not Steven Universe.See all, see likes, report/Block.All I did was just follow the song and inserted undertale into it :P In short dont get offended by this its just a joke okay.

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Whole cultures have been destroyed and many genocides have occurred.No need to point out mistakes.Her left eye was covered in an eye patch, with some hair covering the eyepatch.

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The first to appear is Red, a hot-blooded, sharp-grinned alcoholic who isnt shy to share his less than savoury intentions with you, with crude gestures and pick-up lines galore.And not all gays are european.

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I carefully stepped around the tree, trying not to make any noise.The song is "There!


Edit : OK IM gonna change THE entire description because IM just tired OF this.Please read this FOR information.I know it s cringey.This was made back when I had that.

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    I turned to Undyne, prepared to make a negotiation for my life."WHO cares IF they ARE nice, they ARE OUR ticket TO THE surface Undyne yelled.An armoured hand grasped my shoulder.

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    You all were trapped down here decades ago by humans, and you need seven human souls to break the barrier, correct?"."HAH, TWO humans, this IS great She yelled, before turning to look for someone, "papyrus, WHY DID YOU NOT notify ME OF this.".

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    Watch Queue, queue _count total loading.Undyne continued, "You have no clue what you are getting into, do you.



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Adventure, books, fantasy   Humor, idek but woooooooooooooooooooooooooo yooooo welcome TOO OUR wonderful world OF random.


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Frisk buried their face into my lower back, tears soaking through my sweater.


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I smiled before we walked back toward the skeleton brothers house.


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I ran towards the door, hearing two sets of footsteps following.


Picked up Frisk as quietly as I could, they wrapped their arms around my neck and held onto my koala style.I threw the door open, looking for Frisk.


Follow frisk as she leaves her kitty pet life to life in GroundClan.


"You know human, if you are right, then we will need as many humans as you." Her spear disappeared from her hand, " I may not like what I am doing, but I cannot kill you in front of all these monsters, or your sibling.".


Will the other cats accept her, or will they betray her?


I dont like-like it but i dont hate it either.


Undertale is owned by Toby Fox).

Undertale - mixed universe (O/A warrior, cats: Untold Tales

Warriors, x Readers, romance, this is the story of a young woman, who officially became a twenty year old.I set Frisk down and turned around.

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Edit : OK IM gonna change THE entire description because IM just tired OF this. "They are quite small, but once they stay in your arms for a while, they sure do feel heavy I shook my arms, trying to get some of the soreness out. Papyrus walked over to Undyne, or at least that was what Sans called her. Please respect everyone in the comments who ship papyton, those who dont, and those who hate. I only placed papyton in there because again, the fandom, y'know, most of them kind of ship it so why not fuel the ship as some to say? "That was a time, wasn't it?" I looked over to Sans who nodded groggily. "I can understand how much you all want to leave the Underground and reach the Surface, but please understand that not all humans are as accepting as my siblings and I are I reminisced on all of the bad time in my life when. "I understand I felt Frisk's breath even out as they fell asleep from the emotionally exhausting day, "Thanks for not killing.". Do you have any idea why there are no humans down here." "Actually I have a slight clue She looked shocked at how straightforward I was, "Most people on the surface know the legend of the human-monster war.

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I even gained a hater after this. I mean i dont really care? It's just a joke. A deep gash from where she bit down seeped with a hot red trail of blood, and she cowered back. They coward near the Christmas tree, a largely armoured monster stood in front of them, a blue spear in their hand. I know it's cringey. "So, you need one more soul to break the barrier, or else you would not have let Frisk." I let my eyes leave her, before turning toward the crowd of monsters. I opened the door for Papyrus, who quickly went and took Frisk to bed. 'Please tell me he is talking about a puppet show- I swear to jegus, please tell he is just talking about a puppet show!' She thought, steaming as her face took on a brilliant red blush. all anon could do was facepalm. I turned to see Undyne, who was slightly concerned.

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I only made this song because of what the fandom thinks Mettaton. MY dearest reader, what may you find in this male? If you hate gays then it's. I dont ship papyton. All of the monsters surrounding us were quiet. But idk I can't speak for. People who are truly kind and accepting will help you to the most that you can, and ever human you have representing you will leave a positive impact.". Monsters had crowded around Undyne, the skeletons and us, whispering. I could have pick 30 different images of Undye, mostly cause I am so gay for her. Its a 50-50 to say the least. 'Take care of Frisk I mouthed to him. Her mind is slowly giving up, while her heart bears all the troubles, yet before she pulls her own plug, she meets a very interesting male. If you think mtt is a girl thats A-Okay. I saw Sans standing in the crowd, he looked at me before realizing what I was going. This was made back when I had that. Mettaton being gay is not canon. Im not offending anyone just saying. P.S: I am all for Alphys x Undyne, but the Fish Waifu will be a potential lover,. Anyway, constructive criticism is appreciated, or any comments are. Sans plopped down on the couch, soon I joined him. 6Published, followers, activity, about, x Readers, romance, x Readers. N Is a tall, handsome, rich man* well well well *lifts muse's chin* what a pretty little street rat, I tell you what you give me a little show and I'll give you a little cash".

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