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Publication Date: Product Type: Case (Field) Abstract: Supplements the (A) case.Industry Setting: Consulting Subjects: Consulting; Interpersonal relations; Organizational problems; Performance appraisal Length: 9p 385153 Title: Informal Networks : Keys to Successful Management Author(s Fox,.

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How can we develop it?Number of Employees: 43 Event Year Start : 2007 Event Year End : 2007 Subjects: NO subjects(keywords) Length: 21p Year New : 2008 R0103Z Title: Mommy-Track Backlash (Commentary for HBR Case Study) Author(s Hayashi, Alden.; Darlin, Michele.; Dineen, Chris; Burkett, Elinor; Friedman, Stewart.Geographic Setting: Florida Industry Setting: Fluid control, pump seal industries Company Size: small Number of Employees: 170 Gross Revenues: 10 million sales Subjects: Corporate culture; Employee attitude; Employee empowerment; Group dynamics; Innovation; Layoffs; Management philosophy; Manufacturing; Organizational design; Organizational structure; Teams Length: 9p Supplementary Materials.

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Should be used with Merging the Investment Banking Divisions of Shearson/American Express and Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb (B).Subjects: Careers career planning; Corporate culture; Management philosophy; Organizational behavior Length: 14p 485001 Title: Solving Mysteries : Playing Organizational Detective Author(s Kets de Vries, Manfred.R.Publication Date: Product Type: Case (Field) Publisher: Richard Ivey School of Business/UWO Abstract: First Fidelity Bancorporation (FFB) has decided to use an outsourcing vendor to convert its existing information systems operations into a centralized facility and to operate the systems on a long-term basis.

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The goal of the case is to stimulate discussion of whether major change can take place before there is justification or market reasons to change.The focus is the role that executive compensation and ownership structure (the composition of, and financial structure between, a company's owners) play in motivating value-creating behavior.Publication Date: 05/22/1986 Revision Date: Product Type: Supplement (Field) Abstract: Involves the behavior of line managers, management staff, and workers in response to a long-established control system developed by corporation headquarters.


Commentary July On Becoming a, judge of Iris.14, Chromosome Numbers in Native American and Introduced Species and Cultivated Varieties of Iris.At Diamond Fiber Products.

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    This chapter examines some emerging models of best practices as it outlines one of these essential elements : establishing a rich menu of flexible work arrangements.The problems are described from the perspective of two key managers who are trying to develop a plan for improving organizational effectiveness.In this article, we describe an omnipresent, yet often ignored resource utilization problem whereby some workers abandon certain responsibilities and use the freed-up time to pursue personal interests such as hobbies and side businesses.

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    Presents techniques to evaluate the integrity of the learning model chosen and to ensure adequate returns on corporate investments.The transformation is the continuation of a process that has been going on for more than 20 years.Bill MacLeod, Fusilier's CEO, has to choose between two very different candidates for the top sales job : a veteran sales director who has excelled under the old order and a brash outsider who has experience selling solutions but doesn't know the industry.

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    Industry Setting: Automotive industry Subjects: Automobiles; Corporate culture; Human resources management; Manufacturing; Productivity; Teams Length: 13p F0310A Title: Nice Girls Don't Ask Author(s Babcock, Linda; Laschever, Sara; Gelfand, Michele; Small, Deborah Publication Date: Product Type: Harvard Business Review Article Abstract: Managers who pride themselves.And even though future revenues are going to have to come from somewhere else, Jay is not totally behind Annette's initiative in the current business climate.



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What might have they done differently?Provides an analytic framework for thinking about compensation.


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Since then, the company has successfully hired several employees with disabilities.The Full Employment Practice (Condensed) Author(s Mills,.


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For another, the firms that have been big for a long time still provide the most extensive training and development.Specifically, managers are spending heavily on education and training and wondering if this is their responsibility.


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Publication Date: Product Type: Harvard Business Review Article Abstract: In this essay, business thinker Peter Drucker examines the changing dynamics of the workforce-in particular, the need for organizations to take just as much care and responsibility when managing temporary and contract workers as they.Subjects: Employee compensation; Employee empowerment; Labor negotiations; Labor relations; Management of change; Packaging Length: 9p 98302 Title: Empowerment : The Emperor's New Clothes Author(s Argyris, Chris Publication Date: Product Type: Harvard Business Review Article Abstract: Everyone talks about empowerment, but it's not working.


A new breed of managers, however, is trying a new tack, one in which managers and employees collaborate to achieve work and personal objectives to everyone's benefit.


Palmer, Massachusetts, the 100 Club is designed to recognize good performance, not give incentives to reach exceptional performance levels.


Publication Date: Revision Date: 04/27/1977 Product Type: Case (Field) Abstract: Describes the continuing change process described in First National City Bank Operating Group (A (A1 (B and (B1).But Sarah must address Josh's frustrations.


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Choosing the mix is crucial to meeting talent management challenges, especially the fundamental tasks of managing uncertainty.


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Should the company offer other alternatives?Several other challenges would also have to be addressed in the relationship, such as an incompatible software platform, resistance, difficult communications, and flexibility to accommodate future bank directions and acquisitions.

Questions what it would take for Hong Kong to achieve the status of a knowledge-based economy, what industries Hong Kong should focus on, what kind of people it should develop and attract, and how it can develop its human resources. Publication Date: Product Type: Harvard Business Review Article Abstract: As a business organization goes through the three developmental stages of birth, youth, and maturity, it faces a predictable series of nonfinancial crises. Publication Date: 09/24/2004 Revision Date: 09/22/2005 Product Type: Supplement (Field) Abstract: Supplements the (A) case. Describes the steps the founder takes to avoid the organizational politics he perceives as crushing the human contributions they were designed to harness. Early experimentation by other firms with bubble memory devices hint at numerous advantages from this new type of storage medium. It also supplies a set of principles to help managers think more comprehensively and clearly about the values issues emerging in their health benefits programs. Of Japan, the world's most successful producer of small electric motors, had implemented a new management training program at one of its foreign operations in China. Advertising (A) Author(s Nohria, Nitin; Cook, Cynthia Publication Date: Revision Date: 02/14/1991 Product Type: Case (Field) Abstract: In early 1990, Hill, Holliday Advertising faced a sagging New England economy and the prospect of declining profitability due to both internal and external factors. Led by the CEO, this transformation represents a remarkable long-term reengineering of all the processes of the firm to drive its operating costs down and service image. Peter Jones, regional vice president, has recruited Cynthia to revive the Arkansas district, which has been losing customers for 15 years. The plan : rally the troops. Barro, Nancy Dean Beaulieu, Aaron.G.

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Industry Setting: Government regulatory Subjects: Airlines; Government agencies; Grievances; Labor relations; Personnel policies Length: 7p 902069 Title: Akamai's Underwater Options (A) Author(s Hall, Brian.; Lim, Jonathan.; Lane, Houston Publication Date: 03/14/2002 Revision Date: Product Type: Case (Field) Abstract: Akamai's stock price declines dramatically. As some employees become bitter, passive, or ready to jump ship at the first opportunity, how can you motivate them? Hoffa acquired and maintained his power in the.B.T., the character of his leadership, and the events in his past that influenced his desire for power. For instance, to figure out what kind, you'll need to consider that changing a manager's function within a unit may help that person acquire the knowledge and skills to run that unit one day, whereas switching someone to a different unit may help develop broader. Effective action relies on a combination of two traits : focus-the ability to zero in on a goal and see the task through to completion-and energy-the vigor that comes from intense personal commitment. The third insight concerns how organizations help employees perform to their potential. This article tells the other part of the story. Ronald Fox U0705E Title: Conventional Wisdom with Max.

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As a result, we may see a reversal of the usual flow of talent, which has been from the academy companies to smaller firms. HMU breaks through ten of the most common misconceptions about coaching and provides readers with the reality behind them. Of Oklahoma (B) Author(s Beer, Michael; Salk JE Publication Date: Product Type: Supplement (Field) Abstract: Describes what happened in the months following events in Public Service. Geographic Setting: England; Massachusetts Industry Setting: Hotel industry; Medical equipment device industry Subjects: Competitive advantage; Human resources management; Innovation; Intangible assets; Learning; Organizational development Length: 8p Year New : Title: Capitalizing on Capabilities (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition) Author(s Ulrich, Dave; Smallwood, Norm Publication Date: Product. Are you using your acquisition, deployment, and retention of key talent as a value-creating point of differentiation? Subjects: Families family life; Personnel management; Working conditions Length: 2p List Price:.50 AA03BP Title: Working Smarter : Building Individual Capability Through Performance Feedback - Blueprint Author(s Garvin, David. With obesity reaching epidemic proportions in the United States, companies are feeling its impact on their insurance costs and their employees' health. Those who rate a boss or peer may feel uncomfortable about giving a frank evaluation. (E) Author(s McCormick, Janice; Raff, Daniel.G. Industry Setting: Metals Subjects: Action planning; Corporate culture; Implementation; Metals; Middle management; Sales management; Sales organization Length: 8p 85107 Title: Quality Circles After the Fad Author(s Lawler, Edward., III; Mohrman, Susan. Customer ordered BY (fill in the blanks or attach your business card label here) Name: Telephone Fax Ordered for: E-mail Address: Institution: Dept/Title: Street: City: State/Prov.: Zip/Postal Code: Country: To purchase teaching notes, include the telephone number of the Personnel Department so we may verify. Based on published sources, principally two books on the situation written by Roger Blanpain : The Badger Case (1977) and the oecd Guidelines for Multinationals (1979). (A) Author(s Gabarro, John.; Kaftan, Colleen Publication Date: Revision Date: Product Type: Case (Library) Abstract: Describes the events leading up to the oecd's (the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) consideration of the Badger Company's closing of its Belgian subsidiary as a test case. Subjects: Conflict; Corporate culture; Cross functional management; Employee attitude; HBR Case Discussions; Interdepartmental relations; Labor relations; Management of change; Operations management Length: 9p 96602X Title: Case Study : The Strategy That Wouldn't Travel (HBR Case Study) Author(s Beers, Michael. Subjects: Implementation; Management communication; Management of change; Organizational change; Organizational development; Reengineering Length: 10p 5416 Title: Managing Change : The Art of Balancing (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition) Author(s Duck, Jeanie Daniel Publication Date: 11/15/2000 Product Type: HBR OnPoint Article Abstract: Managers need a new way. Following a move to a new location and an upgrade of the business and project management functions, some unhappiness developed in the ranks of middle management. Wheelwright 677077 Title: Washington Post (B) Author(s Fulmer, William.; Lawrence, Paul. Arrow was ultimately unsuccessful in persuading the college grads to stay, and the recruiting program ended after five years. And companies have learned to protect themselves. Industry Setting: Banking industry; Banking industry Subjects: Banking; Customer relations; Interdepartmental relations; International banking; International operations; Organizational structure; Reorganization Length: 9p 476082 Title: First National City Bank : Multinational Corporate Banking (D) Author(s Davis, Stanley.

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