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Leather, jeans, army gear, boots, etc.).You cant even express it in words, said Kaspars Zalitis, a gay rights activist who participated in Latvias 2005 march and was a main organizer this year.Its an incredible feeling.

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The card is available at most cruise clubs and saunas; and once obtained, it can be used throughout the country.Weve also included some more traditional gay bars that have extensive cruising areas (such as a dark room or maze) but that dont require membership.Most have a bar, dark room, maze, slings, cages and work hard to keep the play areas and toilets clean - others dont.

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After the calm following the foreign ministers coming out on Twitter, people realized there wasnt this groundswell of homophobia in society, said Pauls Raudseps, a columnist for Latvias Ir newsweekly.Gay cruise clubs are mostly private, members only adult sex clubs.

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Most clubs offer membership on the door.The Kremlin has seized the opening, warning its former satellite states that if they align with decadent.If nobody believed we are becoming an open, democratic society, this is proof.


Complete guide to gay saunas and gay cruise clubs in major cities.Slings, cages and work hard to keep the play areas.Eastern Europe, long a stronghold.Pushing hard to make itself the leader of the traditional values camp and warning both at home.

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    Eastern, europe, long a stronghold of virulent homophobia, is reexamining attitudes toward gays and lesbians, and the debate has become a new battleground in the conflict between Russia and the West.How do you become a member?Moves toward acceptance, in Latvia in 2005, hundreds of furious anti- gay counterprotesters poured into Rigas cobblestone streets on a July afternoon so drizzly that when they tried to burn a rainbow flag, they had trouble getting it to ignite.

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    You may need to bring your own lock for the locker.What facilities will I find at a cruise club?Wedged between Russia and the West, neither nation has taken decisive steps to be more welcoming toward their gay citizens.

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    Heres what you need to know.This years parade drew thousands from across.



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If you become a victim of this crime management will offer sympathetic ear, but nothing more.The quality of cruise clubs vary widely.The jeering crowds far outnumbered the gay rights marchers, who were hemmed in by a thick cordon of police officers.


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Be aware that some clubs dont admit customers wearing strong-smelling perfume or aftershave.Some also have a swimming pool, café, bar and/or a gym.


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You charge drinks to your number and pay when you leave.


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Themed night cater to those who enjoy a particular fetish and will usually have a strictly enforced dress code.Pact, leaders won a reprieve from.U.Play Safe - a few minutes of fun is not worth a lifetime with HIV Dont take risks with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.


There are notable exceptions, such as Laboratory in Berlin, who have unexplainable door policies that see some admitted and others turned away for no apparent reason.Massage services are less common.In Italy, you need to purchase an anddos Card.


Gay rights in, eastern.


Anti-discrimination demands, to the disappointment of the countrys gay rights advocates.


(VT 6029) Shows various community colleges presenting video clips and an introduction by President Bill Clinton.


What is a gay cruise club?


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A gay pride march in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, last month ended in fistfights and controversy.Latvia had joined the European Union a year earlier, and membership in the club had just started to remake the nations socially conservative attitudes.

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Russias arguments have taken hold in Ukraine, Georgia and other countries outside the European Unions high walls, where pro-Western leaders have resisted European demands for tolerance of gays and lesbians. Right Sector is also suspected in a recent series of attacks on Kievs gay clubs. On arrival, you will be given a locker number. Even mainstream pro-European politicians such as Kievs Mayor Vitali Klitschko, a leader of the 2013 protest movement, encouraged activists to stay home. We dont need global culture, said Viktorija Petravska, 22, a gardener who drove three hours to join the several dozen counterprotesters at the Riga parade. Court decisions upholding same-sex marriage. A gay sauna (or bathhouse) usually features a dry sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, showers and lounge area. Before Ukraine signed a landmark.U. The Georgian Orthodox Church which has powerful historic ties to its Russian Orthodox counterparts has come out swinging against any effort to promote tolerance of gays and lesbians. How gay rights have spread around the world over the last 224 years. For years, there was a situation where this topic wasnt really talked about in our society, said Denis Panin, a member of the board of Fulcrum, a Ukrainian gay rights organization. Its a good idea to take a small hand towel. At this years parade, families carried a rainbow of balloons underneath the watchful carved faces on the buildings in Rigas Art Nouveau quarter. Bigger clubs may have a dance floor and DJs.

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Many Latvians credit Europe for the shifting attitudes in their nation. There is a strict age requirement, usually a minimum of 18 or 21 years of age. Will I be turned away? Mothers pushing strollers walked alongside men carrying banners promoting tolerance. It succeeded in briefly tying up legislation required for.U. The measure was sponsored by Latvias largest ethnic Russian party, but it was approved with support from conservative anti-Russian nationalists. Europe, moral collapse will soon follow. And in Georgia, opportunities for gay rights advocates seem even more dismal.

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In place of Victory Parades in Kiev there will be gay parades, wrote Alexei Pushkov, chairman the foreign affairs committee in Russias lower house of parliament, as the conflict in Ukraine heated up last year. Gay rights organizers in Georgia called off public events after a 2013 march in Tbilisi was beset by Orthodox priests wielding stools and stinging nettles. If you dont fancy walking around in bare feet, its a good idea to bring your flip-flops. What happens on arrival? The black-clad priests who took a leading role in the violent anti- gay riot in 2013 wielded weapons against a handful of pro-tolerance protesters. You will need an official photo ID that shows your age. In the UK, for example, membership is not usually required but you may be asked for a valid photo ID that shows your age. You may be charged an extra fee to rent a private cabin. The Russian anti- gay rhetoric has promoted the idea that gay marriage is a weapon aimed straight at the Kremlin.

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