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Written by Nahnatchka Khan.In the precursory pilot, Steve was also gawkier, scrawnier and voiced.

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During both occasions, Stan has done very irrational things; the first of which was due to his xenophobia while the other was due to him evicting all his neighbors just because they did not like him.Calabria, Rosario (January 28, 2011).Directed by Pam Cooke and Jansen Yee (April 26, 2009).

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Up until this episode, he didn't think anyone knew.Written by Michael Shipley and Jim Bernstein."You Debt Your Life".

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Written by Michael Shipley.Archived from the original on December 21, 2008.


Retrieved from stan _Smith american dad!) oldid850508101.Smith (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is the title character.Who has an exaggeratedly masculine voice and manner about him.Kevin (April 29, 2013).

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    However, he has the biggest bond with his pet alien Roger because they are always going from one crazy adventure to another.Tags: sounds, season, sb, cartoon m - A Division of, realm of t, contact.

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    29 In the episode Virtual In-Stanity, Francine derides Stan for picking up a drug bunny as a last minute gift, in the process reminding Stan that they just barely got Steve off the heroin from Stan's previous last second gift.Stan walks into a table read at the end of " Bullocks To Stan " to hug Trahn "Jimmy" Ng who would later be "killed" in a traffic accident on a filming day.

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    33 In most cases when his role as the leader of the group is threatened Steve's drive to maintain this position of power results in erratic behavior such as humiliating his friends with personal or compromising information 33 or threats of physical violence against himself.Michelle, the Spirit of Christmas Past, after which he travels to the New York of 1970.



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A reference to The Diary of Anne Frank.Stan is not particularly intelligent.However at times Stan would realize his selfishness and hypocrisy such as in " Chimdale " when he showed Francine, Hayley and Roger that he was bald although all three of them knew already.


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His views on the subject soften somewhat in " Lincoln Lover in which he finds out that his neighbor, Greg Corbin, is not only gay, but a Republican; he gradually learns that he and other gay Republicans are not gay by choice, but nevertheless are.24 Toshi, a multilingual Japanese teenager.The third season of, american Dad!


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In the Family Guy episode, " Lois Kills Stewie Stewie and Brian go to the CIA HQ, while hacking the world's power supply Stan and Bullock kick open the door.Archived from the original on May 28, 2010.Contents, reception edit "Lincoln Lover" was nominated for Outstanding Individual Episode by the.


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"An Apocalypse to Remember".Stan Smith Soundboard: American Dad, stan Smith Soundboard: American Dad, stan Smith Soundboard: American Dad, stan Smith Soundboard: American Dad, facebook, twitter.19 For example, he once planned to make a Girls Gone Wild -type video and market it in order to generate money to buy a video game console.


Steve is "Wheels" and Roger is "The Legman".Archived from the original on March 10, 2016.


The Full Cognitive Redaction Of Avery Bullock By The Coward.


30 In both the pilot episode and You Debt Your Life, Steve demonstrates an addiction to power; in the former case by taking over the school after being turned down by a girl he was trying to impress, 31 in the latter case due.


Stan, smith American, dad, tV Club.


Steve's original design was much geekier and gawky and he was voiced.Encyclopedia of Television Shows, 19Vincent Terrace - Google Books.


American, dad : Volume 3 and 4 episode commentaries.

Stan, smith american, dad!) - Wikipedia

Ricky Blitt (as opposed to, scott Grimes ).He is horrified when he discovers his son, Steve, is a geek and is reluctant to let the other.I.A.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. In the official series, he's become emphasized as soft, emotional, cute and endearing. He also seems to have an interest in musical theater. 36 It is implied in " Roger Passes The Bar " that Snot has joined the army and turned gay, marrying his commanding officer, LT Randall Santana. A b c d e Written by Chris McKenna and Matt McKenna. A b Written by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker Matt Weitzman. " Permanent Record Wrecker " reveals that as a teenager, Stan worked in a White Castle restaurant sweeping up hair. Name As a running joke in the series, Stan's full first name is left ambiguous and is often even deliberately changed to confuse the audience. Archived from the original. Directed by Caleb Meurer. Steve was born on October. Directed by Caleb Meurer (April 30, 2006). Stan's mother's name is Betty and she always comes to Stan when her newest boyfriend dumps her. Directed by Chris Bennett (May 22, 2011). Steve has a small group of friends from school that he regularly spends time with. Stan claims to be a 2008 graduate of the.

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(season 4) - Wikipedia

Stan was scrawny and had horrible acne, which caused him to be nicknamed "The Penis". Stan clearly worshiped his father until discovering that Jack was, in fact, a jewel thief in " Con Heir ". 21 In a later episode, however, Steve says that he has been playing the cello since he was nine. Calabria, Rosario (December 3, 2007). Steve has also been shown to occasionally struggle with both substance abuse and an addiction to power. Retrieved September 24, 2013. Archived from the original on March 29, 2012. Although on further reflection he thinks he may have seduced Father Roy. 11 Steve looks up to his dad as a role model but his naïvete often leads him to follow his dad's advice or convictions, seemingly blindly. 32 Furthermore, as shown in the episode Jenny Fromdabloc, it is revealed that among his four friends Steve is considered to be the leader of the group going as far back as elementary school, prompting Roger to call Steve the "King of the Nerds". "American Dad - Volume 3 Review". In " Surro-Gate Greg and Terry put a restraining order on Stan for kidnapping their child Libby. The events of American Dad! 13 Steve's mother, Francine, does not care that Steve is a geek, and is more protective of him, seeing him as her "baby a status she once attempted to prolong by using a special drug to keep him from reaching puberty. McFarland, Kevin (December 3, 2012). He is called Stanley and Staniel by Roger in " Roger 'n' Me ". Stan is a fan of the NFL's Washington Redskins, as shown in " Daddy Queerest " and other episodes. Stan is revealed in ". This led him to once openly display homophobia. Francine inspires Stan to get back into skating in " Iced, Iced Babies " and they compete in a local figure skating contest. French toast and falafel. Unfortunately during " One Little Word ". In the episode "With Friends Like Steve's" he is revealed to be a maniacal, demonic genius made to take special "vitamins" to inhibit these evil tendencies, and cause mental retardation. The steroid caused Steve to grow female breasts but also ironically made him more popular at school. Directed by Caleb Meurer (October 14, 2007). The season consisted of sixteen episodes.

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Steve Smith american, dad!) - Wikipedia

In " A Smith In The Hand he revisits these hobbies with Steve in order to help him with self-denial. Stewie then says "I would put down the gun Joe" to which Stan says "What? "Broadcast TV Ratings for Sunday, December 2, 2007". He also hates being pegged as feminine. Stan is the CIA's weapons expert and is shown to be a skilled fighter with various weapons most notably a pistol which he kept with him at all times. According to the DVD commentary, the show staff discuss Stan being dead as of the end of " Rapture's Delight " and in his personal heaven. Snot who is Jewish, once had an affair with Steve's then-girlfriend, Gretchen. Written by Brian Boyle. External links edit Retrieved from " ". A b Written by David Zuckerman.

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